Estate Planning

Louisiana Estate Planning

We offer estate planning legal services which include Last Will and Testament, Living Wills (also referred to as Dying Declarations), Irrevocable Trusts, General Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney, Limited Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Springing Power of Attorney, and the probate of Successions, both simple and under administration. 

Our lawyers can help you prepare your estate for your financial success now and future generations. We can help you establish a Living Trust or a Testamentary Trust that forms a part of your Last Will and Testament. A Testamentary Trust can be used to protect assets for children while providing your surviving spouse with the authority necessary to grow your estate.

Our lawyers make wills and trusts affordable. A properly prepared will can provide your loved ones with a set of directions. Our office will provide something greater: an estate plan which can be a map.

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